ACTONA SEATING LIMITED(ASL) is a Denmark owned enterprise,it is a Chinese subsidiary of Actona Company and has Danish management. The 66,667 m² upholstery production is located in a small town called Longxi that is a part of Huizhou City in South China (60 km from Shenzhen). It has a nice, clean and well organized professional environment as well as complete welfare facilities (e.g.: badminton court, basketball court, snooker room, table tennis room, TV & video room, recreation room, canteen, clinic room, etc.). In addition, free WI-FI network is available inside the factory area.
ASL was established in 2009 and is specialised in development and production of leather and fabric upholstery sofas and chairs in Scandinavian designs. All products are exported to overseas markets such as Europe, USA, Middle East, South Africa, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia. Modern European management style is adopted by the company.The company has efficient production technologies, modern Scandinavian product designs and a well established and  unique reputation.
ASL has its own in-house product development department which in close cooperation with Actona Company develop upholstery products. All production processes from raw material to finished products are found in-house,works with dual sourcing philosophy for contingency purpose and has commercial frame agreements signed with all suppliers. All relevant material delivered and used is REACH, TSCA and EUTR compliant. There is detailed process documentation for all workshops. Production is organized for high volume production in well-organized conveyer belt workstations. The workforce is stable with high seniority and has weekly organized process training in each workshop. Internal inspection rate defect level is approximately 1 % and three of our workshops have 100 % inspection.
ASL has a digitalized on-line quality system build on ISO principles and in-house incoming inspection, 100% inspection in three departments and inspection of all ordered finished goods. All products leaving ASL comply with the legal requirements in your market and is safe for use. To secure a high-quality standard ASL has written quality agreements and specifications with all suppliers including self-inspection reports from suppliers delivering customised parts.Furthermore, ASL is certified by BSCI and SMETA. At ASL national environmental, health, safety and social requirements and regulations are respected. That also applies holiday and resting periods.The management are people-oriented with high focus on the benefits and a healthy environment for the employees. 
ASL has approximately 360 employees. The production output of the company is up to 250 containers per month. Due to our fast business growth and expanding production scale, approximately 10% per year, we are always highly interested in competent, serious and ambitious persons, to be part of our future positive development of the company.

The company has an incentivized compensation structure as well as attractive salary and promotion mechanisms. Free boarding and lodging is provided for all interested employees. Accommodation standard for employees: spacious standard rooms for four persons with complete facilities, double washroom and hot water supply etc. The company will provide management dormitories and buffets for managerial staff.

Each month, the company has a birthday party for all the employees whose birthday happen during the month including birthday gifts to those employees. All kinds of recreation and competition activities will be held frequently. Each year, two travels will be organized for all employees to enrich their spare time life, cultivate their taste and enlarge their horizon.

The company is equipped with special busses to send its employees to nearby towns for shopping or recreation.

Five days/eight hours working system standard is implemented in the company. All employees can enjoy their legal festivals and holidays. All employees are entitled to social insurances and housing fund. The company will strictly follow local labor laws and human rights standards.  

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